AP2 Concrete Pipe Lifter


The new award winning ‘AP2 Pipe Lifter’ has been designed as an excavator attachment solely for use in the lifting and laying of concrete pipes. All moving parts are mechanical and do not require the excavator to have additional hydraulics. This pipe lifter has been built with safety of the user in mind.

Safety Features:
Offloading – the banks man is not required to enter a trailer to off-load.
Installation – ground workers are not required in the trench during the actual pipe installation (i.e. whilst the excavator is working).

The AP2 Pipe Lifter offers a user friendly solution in pipe installation. The AP2 model has the following unique features:
1. 30 degree tilt for guiding the pipe into position.
2. Swivel plate – allowing ‘AP2 Pipe Lifter’ to turn at 90 degree intervals.
3. Tested to a safe working load (S.W.L) 10,000kg.
4. Increases safety during installation.
5. Saves time in installation.

Technical Information:
Pipe Dimensions: DN1200-DN2400
Max Length: 3000mm
Pipe Lifters Weight: Approx 1200kg
Main dimension: H=2250mm L=2500mm
All reference to testing needs to state S.W.L 10,000kg

Safety is paramount, as with all lifting equipment the AP2 Pipe Lifter must be used in accordance with safe working practices.

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